Monday, October 07, 2013

Random Uniden iGO CAM 300 review

Random Uniden iGO CAM 300 

This is a cheap car camera /blackbox which cost under $100 Australian dollars, I think it works well, picture quality is excellent, you are able to see road signs and car number plates. See sample videos below. However, there are a few problems:

Automatic Power off function 
  • Although it has a built in battery, but when powered by  Car Accessory port, it stops recording and shut down as soon as the car is turned off.
  • These is a option to turn off auto power off but it does not works at all
  • I would prefer it to power on forever, to film events after I have left the car, maybe can catch vandals in action.. etc.

Does not record Everything!!
  • You are able to set how long you want the video to be record per clip to be 1 min, 2 min or 3min.
  • When recording of the first clip has stop and camera is in the process of recording the 2nd clip, in between the 2 video clip as set and determined by you, the video recorded does not record these interval. What if crucial events happening during this period?

If you can live with these two points, you can consider it because in my opinion, the recorded picture quality is quite good.

Where to buy?
I got mine at the good guys, but you can also find them in Officeworks, see link below

Sample Videos:

Night Video 

More pictures:

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