Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What is inside the WD Elements (Not SE) 1TB Hard drive

What is inside the WD Elements (Not SE) 1TB Hard drive

WD elements 1TB no sata!! DO NOT BUY IT!!

Recap to my old article:

We warned our users not to buy WD Elements SE because it's not a SATA hard drive.. however the older version of WD Elements were SATA drives but they were limited to .... WD Elements 320GB and WD Elements 500GB . 

Only these two models contains SATA hard drive.. however they are superseeded.. no longer for sale!

All versions of WD Elements SE DO NOT CONTAIN SATA drives..

Recently, newer versions of WD Elements (Not SE) were released, they are 1TB in size, we bought one and opened it up..  it's Native USB!

Comparing the different versions of WD Elements, WD Elements SE

Comparing the different versions, we can safely say that WD no longer puts SATA 2.5" drives into the external portable HDD drive range..

If you want to buy cheap External portable drives to harvest 2.5" Sata drives, please try other brands!

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