Sunday, May 27, 2012

How to convert your WIFI radio to Non Wifi RJ45

How to convert your WIFI radio to Non Wifi RJ45

If you don't like to switch on WIFI, and would like to convert your WIFI radio to non WIFI, here's the solution.

This guide is for Bush TR2015 WIFI Radio, but the procedure is the same as long as your WIFI radio uses a USB WIFI dongle like this:

Tools/Material needed

Screwdriver - according to your needs
USB to RJ45 adaptor

USB extender cable Male to female

Open up your WIFI Radio, remove the USB wifi dongle and replace it with your USB-RJ45 dongle!
You might need a usb extender cable incase your RJ54 dongle does not fit in the case.

At this stage, you can reassemble and switch on your radio again. No configuration needed. You might also need to drill some hole to fit the cable to resecure / assemble your radio back again.!



  1. Thank you.. I also want to convert my wifi radio to non wifi.. Im having troubles with my wifi internet connection.

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  3. What USB to RJ45 adapter did you use. I have one but it does not work.

    1. i used a cheap ebay usb rj45 from ebay
      similar to this:



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