Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bush WIFI Internet Radio TR2015 review

Bush WIFI Internet Radio TR2015 review

This is a review about the Bush WIFI Internet Radio TR2015, this radio is just a basic Wifi radio and nothing else.


  • WIFI Internet Radio
  • Plays music from your PC
  • Headphone output

Below are the features that are usually on most WIFI radio nowadays but are missing from this one.

Missing Features

  • No AM/FM Radio
  • No DAB/DAB+ Digital Radio
  • No Ipod Dock

Using the Radio, firmware upgrade is recommended
The unit powers up, connects to the network but updating of radio station failed. After upgrading the firmware, the internet radio works.

This unit is able to tune to many Internet Radio Stations. However, some international radio station may be missing.


It works!

More pictures:


  1. Hi, I have one of these radios and have been told that updating the firmware will allow it to connect to my router that is using WPA2 security. Can you tell me how to upgrade the firmware please?


    1. there is actually an option in the menu settings that allow you to update firmware. Have you tried that?

  2. hi, i have one of this radio . can you tel me how to manual search please.



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