Sunday, February 26, 2012

How to install windows xp on HP dm1z

How to install windows xp on HP dm1z

Things you need:

  • HP dm1z netbook
  • Portable USB CD or DVD rom
  • Windows XP installation disc

Steps to follow:

Put the installation disc into the usb dvd/cd rom drive and plug it into a free usb port in you  hp dm1z
Start up the hp dm1z and press "esc" to bring up the boot menu
Select boot from usb cd/rom drive

The windows xp will self-install.....  at the screen which says press F6 for additional drivers, press F5.. a menu will show up.. select "Standard" installation! This will avoid the acpi.sys blue screen of death!

More to come...

More pictures:

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  1. Hi, thank you, xp install, how abt the drivers where can i find it.. Pls thank u..



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