Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dlink ShareCenter Pulse 2 Bay Network Storage with WD Green 3.5" Hard drive

Dlink ShareCenter Pulse 2 Bay Network Storage  WD Green 3.5" Hard drive

What to do if we have so many hard disk lying around?

And what to do if we have many 3.5" Drives lying around??

Setup Network Storage at your home!!!!

I used the Dlink Share Center Pulse 2 Bay network Storage with WD Green drives harvested from WD Elements 3.5" External hard drive.

To learn how to harvest a WD Green 3.5" drive from WD Elements External hard drive, please go to this post:

I used a 2.0TB WD Green Drive WD20EACS SATA/16mb cache. no problems at all! Work straight out of the box!

Currently, only running on 1 hard drive, will need to add another 2TB/3TB when the price is right... :) Once that's done, will post my review about this... 2 bay is too small no upgradable, might get a 4 bay next!

Do let me know if you have any questions


  1. Multiple bay network storage devices are great for collecting a lot of gigabytes backup storage. I currently have a 4 bay storage device with all of my media that I can share across my network. It's really useful.

  2. Yeah!! I find that two bay is a little too small for me now :(



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