Friday, December 09, 2011

What is that dish on your roof?

What is that on your roof?

What is this picture below?

This is Foxtel! Welcome to to the future! It is Pay TV & Satellite TV!

The hardware that comes with it... includes:

  • The dish above
  • The necessary connections & connectors
  • Set top box & remote
  • Smart Card

Notice that there are digital 2 antenna connectors, that's for the IQ box. If you have a IQ box, then both connectors are used. If you have a standard box then it only uses 1 connector.

TIP: Sign up and wire your house with IQ box. You can cancel IQ after 1 month if you think that it's crap!

There are 2 set top boxes, one is IQ and the other is the standard box.
The standard box is shown below..

The box is made by PACE and is very interesting, maybe it's a old design...
It has the usual power buttons, navigation buttons and a card slot in front.. but behind, there's nothing except two SCART socket! who uses SCART nowadays???

The User interface:

The user interface is full of crap!  No preview of TV Channel when in "TV Guide" mode!

My Free To Air PVR can do better!

Even Samsung TV does better! Their guide mode is slow! but still it's better than nothing!

One last straw!

I had the IQ box before, but as usual it's no good! Can't skip any ads! My FTA PVR can do better!


Bye Bye Foxtel.. the IQ box is no good! Can't skip ads. No Preview of TV channel in your TV guide..
Please do better! we pay for watching TV and we expect it to be good and nothing less!

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