Thursday, December 15, 2011

USB Drive will not show up in Windows 7?

USB Drive will not show up in Windows 7?

Got a question from one of the readers:
Western digital - hdd extern elements desktop, 1.5tb, usb 2.0 will not show in windows7.

Just plugged in a USB drive and it does not show up? I have encountered this a few times before..  this problem can be solved easily by initialising the HDD.

To initialise the HDD please follow the following steps:

The entire contents may be wiped out if you perform this action!

Step 1: Hit the start button
Step 2: Hit the Control Panel
Step 3: Hit System and Security
Step 4: Hit Administrative tools
Step 5: Hit Computer Management
Step 6: Hit Storage
Step 7: Hit Disk management & the computer will scan the usb disk.. and the following screen comes up...

Hit the ok button if you know what you are doing! Once the HDD is initialised, format the HDD and you can start using it!!!

Good luck!!

Pictures below:

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