Saturday, December 24, 2011

How to upgrade memory in HP dm1z

How to upgrade memory in HP dm1z
How to remove hp dm1z back cover?

Here's the instructions, you can follow these instructions or watch the youtube video here:

So you have the hp dm1z and need to upgrade the ram or memory...

Step 1: Remove the battery

Step 2: Remove the back cover, put your finger under the grove as shown below and pull the cover out.

Step 3, the cover should snap open, revealing the memory and hard disk.

Step 4: Remove the existing memory by pulling apart the supporting metal catch.

Replace the memory with your new memory and reverse the steps!

Step 5: Put the back cover back on by aligning the plastic catches to their respective holes.

snap the cover in place and you are done!!!!!

Watch the you tube video here!!

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