Saturday, June 04, 2011

Pioneer DEH-1350MPG Car head unit / Radio / CD with MP3 Player

Pioneer DEH-1350MPG Car head unit / Radio / CD with MP3 Player

Link to Pioneer DEH-1350MPG user handbook / manual:

Recently the head unit in my car started to breakdown due to old age, so I went in search for a new head unit for my car.

At around the same time, has a 30% off discount on car stereos! As I embark my search to look for a suitable head unit. As there are not many reviews of this unit, I decided to post one here.

What I like about this head unit is that it's a no frills unit, easy to install, and has no fancy jumping lights which I detest.


Standard 1 DIN
Plays MP3, up to 999 songs per folder
Receives FM & AM Broadcasts
Has Aux In socket for 3.5mm for external mp3 players

Link to Pioneer DEH-1350MPG specifications:


Installation is fairly straight forward, however, the instructions in the manual is not really clear because it does not show the pin out of the connector.
However, installation is usually done by qualified personnel so I don't see this as a problem.
For a lay man, I have difficulty in understanding the pinouts however, I managed to get it right the first time.

Made in Thailand
Plays Mp3s & WMA Files
No frills Head unit for your car!
Cheap at AUD $67 after 30% off.

Excellent appeal:
Cheap no frills car stereo which can play mp3 and does not has fancy jumping light .
Excellent Value!

More pictures below:

Car stereo installed

More information:

Link to Pioneer DEH-1350MPG user handbook / manual:


  1. great review and thanks for being the first.
    i am sold. am getting one.

    1. thanks! it's a good unit. I love it!

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