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Toshiba NB550D Netbook Review

Toshiba NB550D Netbook Review


  • CPU: AMD C-50 Dual Core 1.0Ghz APU
  • Video: On-die
  • Ram: 1Gb DDR3
  • HDD: Toshiba 250Gb HDD
  • Battery: 6 cell


  • 1 x power
  • 3 x usb
  • 1 x HDMI
  • 1 x SD card slot
  • 1 x speaker 
  • 1 x mic
  • 1 x Gigabit Lan Port

Review video here:

The keyboard has a good feel, it does not feel small or crammed.

The touchpad feels abit small, but is generally very smooth. No friction between fingers and touch pad surface.

The speakers are the best feature of this notepad. It is Harman/Kardon branded with Dolby Advanced Audio. It is very loud and clear. I like it alot!

This is a 10.1 inch 1024 x 600 screen, it looks a little bit small, I wish the screen could be a little bigger.
After using it for a week. I have no complains on the screen. I am comfortable and happy with the size of the screen.

I have been using it as a bedside netbook, it does not feel hot at all. It has low power consumption. Normal usage battery life is about 5 hours.

This is a 1.0Ghz AMD C50 APU, it's overall very snappy. I am quite happy with it. Although this GPU is sitting on the same die as the CPU, i find that playing dvd from iso file is not smooth at all, I am still trying to find out why is it jerking. Will update more when more information becomes available.
The problem is solved. With the latest CODEC and Correct driver installed. See below software section for more info.

After using the netbook for a week, I find that it is very good. It plays Full  HD Movies very well on HDMI (No lag) and video play back on 10" Screen is extremely smooth .

Game playback is smooth as well.

Connecting Toshiba NB550D to the TV via HDMI and viewing media files

Connecting Toshiba NB550D to the TV via HDMI

Watching TV on Toshiba NB550D

The usual bloatware are installed, however, I think that this is marketed as a media netbook, it does not work out of the box when trying to play dvd. When using the usual media player that comes with windows, it says codec not avaliable. You will need to install something like VLC player to enjoy this netbook.
You will need the latest VLC player Version 1.18 avaliable for download from
The latest VLC player has built in driver that can take advantage of the many features of the AMD C50 APU.

Overall Construction
Overall it is a very solid construction, it does not feel like it's made from cheap plastics.

Will I buy it?
Depending on what I use it for, I think the screen is abit small but this is the standard size for usual netbook The RRP is AUD $499 which is quite reasonable. Yes I will buy it.  

More pictures here:

Toshiba nb550d windows experience index
Here's the Windows experience index, as expected rating is brought down by the 1.0Ghz CPU 

Toshiba NB550D Netbook For Sale.

You have read the reviews.. watched the videos.. now this netbook is for sale! It's now ready to be shipped to any part of the world. 1 Unit only.

Price $499 AUD
Shipping: By FedEx and varies, should be around $50 to $100 extra.

You pay for shipping. Willing to ship to anywhere in the world.
Only Paypal is accepted.

Please email me for a quote on shipping if you are interested.

First to email will get priority. 1 Unit only.

Please email to bychaw at bychaw dot com

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