Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How to save money when buying a new laptop or computer

This article is about how to save money when buying a new laptop or computer.

So to understand it we need to be able to breakdown the computer or laptop parts
So it can be broken down into several main parts:

The main parts are:

  • CPU
  • Graphics Card
  • Hard Disk Size
  • Memory Size
  • DVD writer/blue ray

Of coz there are also many other tiny bits that make up a computer but i think the ones i listed above are more important.

CPU: Choose Alternative CPU like AMD

CPU is the brain of the computer, it's also one of the more expensive part of a computer. You can save money by buying AMD instead of Intel CPU. Performance is ok. I am using a Laptop with AMD chip now have been using it since Feb no issues found.

By choosing AMD u can save lots.

Graphics Card: Get Integrated Graphics

Discrete or integrated graphics? Integrated graphics are cheaper as they are either built into the CPU or part of the motherboard. Benefit are cheaper cost and lower power consumption. If you are not a heavy gamer, I don't see why integrated graphics will not work for u.

Hard Disk and Memory size

The bigger the hard disk and memory size, the more expensive the laptop can get, as these are technology stuffs, they get cheaper when new technology emerge.

For example HDD size, 1TB might seems expensive now but in future when 5TB HDD size emerge, 1TB HDD might get cheaper.

For Memory size, once upon a time, there is DDR1, then come DDR2 now DDR3 and soon will come DDR4??? So every time a new technology emerge, price go down for the older technology.

In laptop, most manufacturers design it such a way that HDD and Memory are easy to change or upgrade. So my tip is buy the cheapest model with the lowest amt of Ram and HDD. Once new techology emerge, then buy those cheaply off ebay or retail and upgrade it yourself.

DVD or Blueray drive

Most laptop screen is 1366*768, this is not Full HD. So no need to get blueray.. get normal DVD will do. If you want to watch Blueray, watch on yoru Full HD LCD/LED TV instead!!

Ok so now you are enlightened, you can buy a useful laptop for less than 500 bucks! Otherwise u will be looking at minimum spend of $1300!!

Here are some recommendations! All under $500 bucks!! Good value for money!

Good luck and happy shopping!!

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