Saturday, February 05, 2011

The hunt for a new laptop

Mission: Find a new laptop.
Budget: $600

  • No cheap plastics
  • Must be from Lenovo, HP or Dell
  • Must be dual core
  • Must have HDMI Socket.
  • Dedicated graphics card is desirable!

I looked around, first at JB HIFI near my home, since there is not much choice around here. The better solution is to drive to Sydney to get one.

The range of notebook is quite limited but.. here's my hunt...

First stop: Harris Technology

First is Lenovo thinkpad edge ... display set specs below at about $800. checked Lenovo online website, can get brand new at $700 so no point.

Second is Lenovo Thinkpad edge 13.3, price is about $700 but is old processor and no optical drive buit in.. clearance stock.... hmm..

The lenovo with icore3 seems to be not bad but too expensive... so i keep it in mind and decided to move and check other shops.

Then I checked officeworks, Dicksmith ...

nothing really caught my attention...

So I went to JBHIFI... saw this...

This laptop is on clearance... $599, usual price is $668. I just saw it at the jbhifi shop near my home... still selling at $668.. funny!!

Different branch of the same shop sell at different price!!

The specs of this computer is:

  • AMD AthlonII P320 2.1Ghz CPU
  • 4GB Ram
  • ATI 5430 Delicated Graphics

The rest are pretty much the same for this price range...

And best of all comes with 10% off !!!

So decision is made.. I buy this laptop.

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