Thursday, February 17, 2011

How to use Windows XP on Windows 7 ?

How to use Windows XP on Windows 7 ?

So you bought a new pc... and it comes with Windows 7... what happen to your older programs that used to run well on Windows XP but no longer runs on Windows 7?

Don't Fret!!

If you are using Windows 7 Professional or above,Windows Virtual PC & Windows XP Mode is for you!

Download link here:

It is directly integrated on windows 7 professional and easy to use. 
The only problem is u need to download a 500mb file.

This will not work with Windows7 Home premium.. but if you dont have windows 7 professional, you can either buy it here:

If you  want to save money, and still have the Windows XP, you can use vmplayer, you can also use this on Windows 7 Home premium.
Download it here:

See the screenshots.


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