Friday, February 04, 2011

Good bye to MSI !!

Goodbye to MSI....

The MSI A6300 is a good machine, but I think there are just some faults on that that I cannot live with..

The problems are:

  • The notebook is very slow.. the CPU although was advertised at 2.2Ghz, most of the time it was running at 800mhz. The computer is running so slow that it is slower than a netbook!
  • While doing some backup, I accidently closed the lid, the computer went into sleep mode. So I opened the lid again and tried to wake it up. Everything is back to normal, but the progress bar just didn't move! I have to manually trigger it to move by opening and closing the DVD writer tray.
  • The touch pad is very strange, it's not smooth when I tried to touch it with my sweaty fingers.
  • As it incorporates the numeric keypad, the keys are very small, too small for my clunky fingers. For some reason when typing halfway the cursor goes missing.
  • The note book is made of cheap plastics
  • The speakers are positioned badly and the sounds are muffled.
  • And the list goes on and on..
Well.. so much about the bad part, it does have good features as well.

  • First the price was cheap at $548
  • At this price, I get a express card slot for future expandability
  • I also get a E-SATA port for fast data transfer.
  • That's it.

So with a heavy heart, I packed it back into the box again..

and brought it back to the store where I bought it from.

here's the rough conversation that happened. (Something like this)

Me: Hi Good morning! I want a refund.
Girl: *Takes my reciept and checks it and checks the contents of the laptop*, while checking, she asked me: Did you use it??
Me: Yes, I took it out from the box, powered it up and checked it out but I am not happy with it.
Girl: Continues checking and then said: I need to ask my boss.
She picks up the telephone and talked to her boss. After she put down the telephone, she asked me the magic sentence!

Girl: How do you want the refund? In cash or back to your card?
Me: Oh great! Back to my card please!

As you can imagine, I got my money back.. and I am a laptop less man again and I am off to hunt for my next laptop....

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