Sunday, January 30, 2011

why the new computer is so slow??

Recently.. my old laptop the legendary HP NC6000 died.. I am still trying to revive it.. I will tell you the story when I get the time..

The specs of the HP laptop is here:

Its 1.6ghz Single core.

I have been using it for a long time. at least 3 years since 2008 and that's my only laptop. Since I don't have a laptop, I got myself a Acer Aspire One 255.

The specs are here:

This one is using Intel Atom N450 single core 1.6ghz cpu.

I am using it temporary while I get myself a new laptop. (This laptop is meant for someone else)

Because I got no money $$$, I am on a budget, I have to look for a cheapest laptop.

I found this one:

It's on offer one day at $548, so I faster grab.

It has a fast dual core 2.2 ghz processor! I have always wanted to get my own dual core! So far all my computers are all single core.

The specs of the cpu is here..

So when I got the laptop.. my first impressions were why the computer so slow????????
It's even slower than the netbook!! How can it be?

I think and think and do a bit of experiment ... I think I know the answer....

So i download a few system cpu program and check it out..

how come only showing 800MHZ???

I want to ask AMD... EH. HELLO!!!

No wonder so slow!!!

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